TMY Opens Electronics Recycling Program

Photo by ShakataGaNai, WikiCommons

We’re thrilled to announce our new endeavor, TMY Electronics Recycling, which promotes the reuse and recycling of electronic goods while supporting the annual festival. We’re already known as the “greenest” festival in Tucson for our work with the University of Arizona Compost Cats composting festival food waste every year. This venture continues our commitment to reducing waste.

“We see a continuous thread from the conservation of cultures to the conservation of the planet,” said Maribel Alvarez, Executive Director of Southwest Folklife Alliance, which produces the annual festival. “For many years now TMY has been expanding the role a festival can play in sustaining life, commerce, art, environment, and social cohesion, all as part of one same mission. The Electronics Recycling project offers us the opportunity to raise revenue to support artists and tradition bearers while at the same time educating the public about the importance of connecting cultural expressions to real solutions that affect us all.”

The TMY Electronics Recycling Center—a partnership with Suburban Miners and entrepreneur Aaron Polley—will take cellphones, telephones, desktop computers, laptops (and batteries), monitors, LCDs, LEDs, televisions, servers, hard drives, networks, circuit boards, stereo equipment, and more.

“Recycling used electronic equipment helps reduce landfill deposits. The components are either re-used or broken down further,” said TMY Festival Operations Director Tim Escobedo, who is overseeing the recycling campaign.

The Recycling Center is located at: 3820 E. Blacklidge, open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, and the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, 9am-1pm. A secured on-site drop-off bin is available 24 hours/7 days a week. You can also arrange for pickup. More about the project is online at