Performance Stages

Phil Wiggins. Photo copyright Michael G. Stewart

Tucson Meet Yourself has 3 stages of music and dance.  You can locate the 3 stages in our festival footprint (look for the Musical Signs:  City Hall Stage on El Presidio Park; Presidio Stage on El Presidio Park; and Alameda Stage on Alameda Street):

Festival Map

A total of 100 musical/dance and storytelling acts are booked to perform at the event this year.  You can see the full schedule of performers here:


We are honored to launch in 2017 a new Guest Artists component to the festival: these are masters of their art forms who represent exemplary commitments to heritage music, popular social dance and music, and traditional arts and folklore. We are honored to present in 2017 (click on the artist’s name to see a preview of what they will bring to TMY):

  • Phil Wiggins’ House Party, featuring Phil Wiggins, a master of acoustic harmonica in the Piedmont blues tradition and an NEA National Heritage Fellow. Included in Wiggins’ traveling group is Junious Brickhouse, a dancer/choreographer of urban dance forms, including house, jack, and funk styles.
  • Julia Gutiérrez-Rivera, premiere dancer of Bomba y Plena, a traditional Puerto Rican dance form, and daughter of National Heritage Fellow Juan Gutiérrez, founder/director of Los Pleneros de la 21.
  • Sonora Lírico, a lyrical opera quartet from Hermosillo, Mexico offering an homage to famous Mexican balladeer Juan Gabriel.
  • Lone Piñon, an acoustic trio from Northern New Mexico reviving Chicano stringband styles such as polka, chote, huapango, and classic borderlands conjunto.