Folk Arts 2017

Jim Griffith’s advice on experiencing TMY Folk Arts:

What I like to do is take a general look-around to see who’s doing what and where, and then zero in on a few choices so as to learn more. Our invited demonstrators are gregarious folks, and will be happy and proud to discuss not only the ‘whats’ of their art forms, but the even more fascinating ‘whys’. That’s what TMY is all about, after all: getting to know and better understand the marvelous diversity of the folks we share this place with!”

How to Experience Folk Arts

You can experience visual folk arts all along CHURCH STREET on  Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm (some artists will remain open during night hours)

  • Church Street will feature Yaqui and O’odham pavilions of artists;
  • An eclectic assortment of artists from many traditions are also present on Church Street;
  • Although some artists will have items for sale, all are prepared to demonstrate and discuss what they do.
  • Some artists MAY NOT WANT TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED: please ask before taking photos.

List of Folk Artists (General, Church Street)

Aida Robles Mertz/Maria J. Robles Papel Picado
Akiko Victorson Japanese Shodo Calligraphy
Andrew Dennis Coriz Hopi Katchina Carver
Bonyang Michaels Lao Weaving
Carletta Nez Navajo Bead and Turquoise Work
Charlotte Nsabaka Congolese Seamstress
Chieko (Chi) Nakano Origami
Cuneyt Akcay Turkish Calligraphy
David Maciborski Church Art (St. Michael’s)
Delia (Valdez) Mora Sewing and Dressmaking
Dianne L. Kee Navajo Jewelry
Dick Schorr Reata/Rope Braiding
Dr. Ihor Kunasz Ukrainian Pysanka Eggs
Earl Dino Patterson Hopi Contemporary Carver
Enrique Ramirez Huichol Art
Esteban Osuna Boots/Leatherwork
Etta Todacheenie Dine Weaving
Faeza Hillilian Middle Eastern Fiber Arts/Calligraphy
Francisca Alvarado Oaxacan Animals
George/Alexandra Terleckyj Ukrainian Embroidery
Gerald Lomaventema (SFA) Hopi Jewelry
Grace Beltrans/Colores de Corozon Sewing Creations and Woodwork
Hafize Aksoy Soap
Jesus Garcia Mecates
Josefina P. Lizarraga Mexican Paper Flowers
Judy Tom Chinese Red Paper Lanterns
Kubra Yalcin Turkish Jewelry
Leah Weinrich Judith Lind Tatting Club
Lee Jackson Kiowa Jewelry, Fans, and Drums
Lizeth/Porfirio Mora Mata Ortiz Pottery
Majda Khatoon Indian Rahki Bracelets
Maria Arvizu (Baude) Pinatas
Marisela Montiel Chicana Art/Murals
Marvin Todacheenie Dine Instruments
Mercedes Pantaleon Pinatas
Mohammad Abdullah Jasim Turkish Iznik Ceramics
Mohyeddin Abdulaziz Arabic Calligraphy
Mustafa/Mine Calik Ebru/Water Marbeling
Pamela Farnam-Todacheenie Dine Beadwork
Paul Lim Chinese Calligraphy
Raji Rajagopalan Kolami/Rice Flour Painting
Refugee Focus Sewing and Textiles
Saba Ahmadi/Sadiqa Begum Henna
Tim Yazzie Native American Silver Jewelry
Toni Ham African American Church Hats
Turkish Bazaar Turkish Traditional Arts
Victor Salazar Los Vatos Motorcycle Club Colors
Zehra Kilcak Turkish Ceramics
Zenon Korytko Ukrainian Wood Carving

Church Street Pavilion of Pascua Yaqui Nation Artists

Demonstrators of arts to include Yaqui tradition bearers and contemporary artists.

Daniel Vega, Department Director
Department of Language & Culture, Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Yaqui Contemporary Artists:

Francisco Baltazar Paintings representing Yaqui culture
Mesquite Horse Rescue Metal work and jewelry
Shop 1519/Luis Rodriguez Acrylic paintings, prints, posters, and t-shirts
Jose Morillo Original drawings and prints
David Moreno Original art
Israel Gallardo Original art
Louis Valenzuela Traditional carvings
Jose B. Gallardo Original arts and crafts
Blue Sky Trading Plant medicines and curandismo products
Raven (Rudy Vega) Deer’s Eye necklaces, medicine pouches, spiritual blessings
Raul Osuna Lino prints
Shop 1519/Mario Valencia Acrylic and oil paintings, silkscreens
Gabriel Ayala Traditional wearable art
Maria Arvayo Original prints



Yaqui Traditional Artists
Jose Maria Matuz Harp and Violin
Steve Armadillo Deer Singing Instruments
Modesto Bule Pascola Necklaces
Paula Yucupicio Paper Flowers
Irene Sanchez Paper Flowers
Miss Pascua Yaqui Information about the MPY Program and the communities they represent
Department of Language and Culture History, Language, and Culture of the Pascua Yaqui Nation

Church Street Pavilion of O’odham Nation Artists

Demonstrators of arts to include O’odham basket weaving, painting, pottery, beaded and horsehair jewelry, gourds and woodcarving.

Bernard Siquieros, Education Curator
Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center and Museum


Rhonda Wilson            Basketry
Hiram Enos                  Horsehair Basketry
Michael Chiago            Paintings
Lola Thomas                Basketry
Draven Wison              Paintings
Sadie Marks                 Basketry
Homer Marks, Jr.       Carvings
Jeffory/Eva Antone    Paintings
Mary/Erna Pablo        Basketry
Cassie Antone              Paintings
Joanna Robles             Pyrography Art
Vivian Enos                  Jewelry
Cheryl Francisco         Crochet
Valorie Francisco        Beaded Jewelry

Paula Ignacio               Jewelry
Sherrie Frank              Jewelry
Victor Garcia               Paintings
Carol Garcia                Arts and Crafts
Donny Preston           Carvings
Gus Antone                 Paintings
Phillip Vanentine       Paintings