Introducing FACES OF THE FESTIVAL, a project chronicling the diversity of faces, ages and cultures at our annual Tucson Meet Yourself festival. Who are you? What is your story? We photographed and interviewed festival participants and audiences this year. We’re so excited to introduce you to one another here.


The study and documentation of folklife involves the accurate representation of people's viewpoints in their own terms. Quotes and opinions expressed in interviews do not necessarily reflect the sentiments and opinions of Tucson Meet Yourself, the Southwest Folklife Alliance, or any specific person or entity at the University of Arizona.

Jorge: Curing Myself

Yo nací en Mexico, en Guadalajara. Vine aqui a curarme, porque me dectectaron cáncer. Apenas tengo aquí un més. Ya conocía a Tucson, por eso vine aquí. Me dieron radiaciones y parece que el cáncer ya no está activo, está en remisión. Estoy felíz, pero ya no puedo tomar. Tomaba diario, todo los días. Pero […]

I am Bumblebee. I’m looking for any Decepticons in the area. That is a bad robot. I am the Autobot. I love Planet Earth—it’s a good place to visit. I’m from a galaxy far away. Megatron is here, lurking somewhere. He is the Decepticon that we’re looking for. -Bumblebee, with Nancy & Nicole

Andi: Growing Farmer

When I first came to Tucson almost four years ago I started harvesting for the Breckenfeld Family south of town, on Valencia. A good family. They have taken me under their wing and helped me grow to be the farmer that I hope to become and grow to be myself. I’m farming on their land. […]