Introducing FACES OF THE FESTIVAL, a project chronicling the diversity of faces, ages and cultures at our annual Tucson Meet Yourself festival. Who are you? What is your story? We photographed and interviewed festival participants and audiences this year. We’re so excited to introduce you to one another here.


The study and documentation of folklife involves the accurate representation of people's viewpoints in their own terms. Quotes and opinions expressed in interviews do not necessarily reflect the sentiments and opinions of Tucson Meet Yourself, the Southwest Folklife Alliance, or any specific person or entity at the University of Arizona.

Beth: One Woman

I am a writer. I write musicals and songs. I heard about something called UN Women, an organization starting at the United Stations. When I heard that I said, “Ooh they need a theme song.” About four months later our song was the finale at the United Nations launch. Then I said, “Okay, now we […]

Jobe: Team Player

Being part of a team has always been in my heritage from growing up in little league baseball and soccer to high school basketball on to now. Working as a family, that’s teamwork. Raising children is teamwork. My job as a police officer is teamwork. It’s that thing: the chain is the weakest link. Everyone […]

Beth & Finley: New Arrivals

We moved to Tucson about a year and a half ago from San Francisco. We moved here for the cost of living. We like the Southwest, the landscape, the wildlife. Finley was born in Tucson. She’s three months old. -Beth & Finley