Festival Moves from El Presidio Park

Your favorite festival returns to downtown Tucson this fall, but this year on slightly new territory. Ready for a downtown block party? This year, we’ll surround the Tucson Public Library, running along North Stone and Church Avenues, between Congress and Alameda, and on Pennington Ave. We’re excited to continue animating downtown streets alive through cultural […]

TMY Opens Electronics Recycling Program

We’re thrilled to announce our new endeavor, TMY Electronics Recycling, which promotes the reuse and recycling of electronic goods while supporting the annual festival. We’re already known as the “greenest” festival in Tucson for our work with the University of Arizona Compost Cats composting festival food waste every year. This venture continues our commitment to […]

Visiting Guest Performers Bring New Energy and Opportunities to TMY

Aside from expanding and contracting our waistline over the years (we’re human, after all), the Festival has remained for the most part tried and true every year. You know you can expect delicious food, folk art demonstrations, and dynamic performances from Tucson’s best cultural artists, as well as endearing recitals from kiddos just beginning to […]