Kids at TMY


There is no price of admission to the festival. Tucson Meet Yourself is a FREE event.

We respectfully request a donation from those who attend the festival. If you can, make a donation at any of the festival’s entry points, donation boxes or when we make asks from the stages. No donation is too small or too large.

There will be call-outs for donations at the performance stages regularly or you can drop a buck in any of the buckets volunteers will carry with them when they greet you. If you’d rather give now and get it over with, you can make an online donation to our non-profit organization here.


Tucson Meet Yourself sells water, sodas, t-shirts, and merchandise during the festival to raise funds. We use the money raised to pay for all the expenses of producing the event. Help keep the festival free another 44 years (that would be TMY 2061!)

There are several soda/water stands around the festival. They are all graciously staffed by volunteers.