Tucson Meet Yourself is an annual celebration of the living traditional arts of Southern Arizona's and Northern Mexico's diverse ethnic and folk communities. Each October, the three-day event features hundreds of artisans, home cooks, dancers, musicians and special exhibits that celebrate and honor beauty in all its diverse, informal, and everyday forms.

Behind the Scenes

Festival Moves from El Presidio Park

Your favorite festival returns to downtown Tucson this fall, but this year on slightly new territory. Ready for a downtown block party? This year, we'll surround the Tucson Public Library, running along North Stone and … More...

TMY Opens Electronics Recycling Program

We're thrilled to announce our new endeavor, TMY Electronics Recycling, which promotes the reuse and recycling of electronic goods while supporting the annual festival. We're already known as the “greenest” festival in Tucson … More...

Faces of the Festival

Jorge: Curing Myself

Yo nací en Mexico, en Guadalajara. Vine aqui a curarme, porque me dectectaron cáncer. Apenas tengo aquí un més. Ya conocía a Tucson, por eso vine aquí. Me dieron radiaciones y parece que el cáncer ya no está activo, está en … [Read More...]

I am Bumblebee. I’m looking for any Decepticons in the area. That is a bad robot. I am the Autobot. I love Planet Earth—it’s a good place to visit. I’m from a galaxy far away. Megatron is here, lurking somewhere. He is the … [Read More...]

This Is Folklife Classes & Workshops

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