Southwest Folklife Alliance
Tucson Meet Yourself is an annual celebration of the living traditional arts of Southern Arizona's and Northern Mexico's diverse ethnic and folk communities. Each October, the three-day event features hundreds of artisans, home cooks, dancers, musicians and special exhibits that celebrate and honor beauty in all its diverse, informal, and everyday forms.

Behind the Scenes


New Festival Fellowships Increase Support to Artists

For the first time in the festival's 42 year-history, TMY will make direct cash grants to artists in order to support a richer, more enduring and resilient heritage artistic community in Southern Arizona. Although the … More...


Foodways: How a Festival Whets the Appetite for Culture

Like anything else in this world, there are multiple ways to look at the role of ethnic food in a public festival. Most people reduce that multiplicity to the proverbial binary better known as "the glass is half empty" or … More...


2015 Festival: What is New and Exciting

Every year the TMY production team looks closely at the festival and does its best to improve what may not have worked so well. Sometimes it seems as if the more things we fix, the more that need fixing. This is not because … More...

Tucson Meet Yourself: a Folklife Festival

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