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Tucson Meet Yourself is an annual celebration of the living traditional arts of Southern Arizona's and Northern Mexico's diverse ethnic and folk communities. Each October, the three-day event features hundreds of artisans, home cooks, dancers, musicians and special exhibits that celebrate and honor beauty in all its diverse, informal, and everyday forms.

Events Journal

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A Very Special “Cabezudo”

Several weeks ago, TMY offered a workshop for learning to make the distinctive "capgrossos" or "cabezudos" in the style of the Catalan tradition. Participants learned techniques of large-scale papier mache and plaster … More...

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Field School: Learning to Think Like a Folklorist

"How does the taste of a place get into the food we eat?" With this question, Gary Paul Nabhan introduces us to the story of Esperanza Arevalo and her magical mesquite tortillas in the book Desert Terroir (UT Press, … More...

Highlights from Borderlore

Southwest Folklife Alliance

Tucson Meet Yourself Is Growing

The Board of Directors of Tucson Meet Yourself -- the beloved 41 year old festival which shares the City’s namesake -- has created a new not-for-profit legal entity to serve as the festival’s parent and producing company. The … More...

Behind the Scenes: Notes

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Doolen Meet Yourself

Several years ago, when the festival was produced by the parent organization Cultural Exchange Council, the idea started to encourage and support mini-TMY festivals at various schools throughout Tucson. Doolen Middle … More...

Tucson Meet Yourself: a Folklife Festival

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