Tucson Meet Yourself is an annual celebration of the living traditional arts of Southern Arizona's and Northern Mexico's diverse ethnic and folk communities. Each October, the three-day event features hundreds of artisans, home cooks, dancers, musicians and special exhibits that celebrate and honor beauty in all its diverse, informal, and everyday forms.

Behind the Scenes

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Amenities and Event Logistics Improved

A festival is an event. It is made up of two equal parts: content and logistics. Or better stated: art and production. How the event does in one area often affects people's perception of how it does in the other. If the … More...

cliff murphy

Maryland Folklorist is our “Guest Evaluator” this year

Perhaps one the least known facts about the TMY Festival is how committed the staff and Board are to evaluating what they do and seeking ways to do better from year to year. For the last 3 years, the festival has invited a … More...

Tucson Meet Yourself: a Folklife Festival

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